Résumé (short) /
Curriculum Vitae (CV)

PhD Student, Computer Science,
University of Southern California

Research Assistant,
Information Sciences Institute

Former Embedded Firmware Engineer,

Former Senior Firmware Engineer & Team Leader,
Mellanox Technologies

TAU EE '15, IASA '10, RSI '09

Contact me at:
basel921 at gmail dot com
shbita at usc dot edu

Basel Shbita

Scientist | Artist | Engineer | Burner

Research Interests: Knowledge Graphs · Semantic Web · Linked Open Data · Machine Learning · Information Extraction · Information Technology · Computer Networks

Hi, I'm Basel Shbita (Arabic: باسل شبيطة; Hebrew: באסל שביטה; Russian: Басель Шбита).

I am a third-year Ph.D. student in the Computer Science Department at University of Southern California (USC) in Los Angeles, CA. I work as a research assistant at the Center on Knowledge Graphs at USC's Information Sciences Institute in Marina del Rey, CA. I am advised by Prof. Craig Knoblock and also work with Prof. Pedro Szekely, Prof. Jay Pujara and Prof. Yao-Yi Chiang. My research currently focuses on knowledge graphs and the semantic web with an emphasis on data normalization as a means to solve complex information integration problems. Concurrently, I am investigating methods to leverage machine and deep learning techniques to establish automatic information extraction and knowledge graph construction.
I am currently taking part in three major projects at ISI: Model Integration (MINT), Linked Maps and Table Understanding.

Prior to joining USC I worked for Apple (2018) as an Embedded Software Engineer in the Flash Storage Software Department and for Mellanox Technologies (2011-2017) as a Senior Firmware Engineer and Team Leader in the Switch Silicon Core Department. I received my Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University (magna cum laude) in 2015, specializing in CS, Communications, and Electronic Devices.

I love and enjoy art. In my free time I work on electronic music production, graphic design and movie editing. I am also part of the Anatomical Drawing Society at USC where we work alongside other artists on sketching and figure drawing.

Do you want to read more about me? check out my present and past projects.


  • TA (Teaching Assistant) for DSCI 558: Building Knowledge Graphs (Fall 2020 @ USC)
  • TA (Teaching Assistant) for CSCI 563/INF 558: Building Knowledge Graphs (Spring 2020 @ USC)

Selected Publications

  • Shbita, B., Knoblock, C. A., Duan, W., Chiang, Y. Y., Uhl, J. H., & Leyk, S. (2020, May). Building Linked Spatio-Temporal Data from Vectorized Historical Maps. In European Semantic Web Conference (pp. 409-426). Springer, Cham · link paper code

  • Shbita, B., Vu, B., Feldman, D., Pham, M., Rajendran, A., Knoblock, C. A., Pujara, J., & Chiang, Y. Y. (2019). Creating a FAIR Data Catalog to Support Scientific Modeling. In Workshop on Advanced Knowledge Technologies for Science in a FAIR World (AKTS) · paper

  • Shbita, B., Rajendran, A., Pujara, J., & Knoblock, C. A. (2019). Parsing, Representing and Transforming Units of Measure. In Modeling the World’s Systems · paper poster code