Educational Projects & Research

  • IPoIB Router in the Switch-X Product Family: from Firmware Design to Implementation of the Verification Environment and the Debug Tools
    under direction of Mr. Ami Marelli (Mellanox Technologies)
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  • Executed an implementation and verification process of the IPolB Router firmware mechanism in the Switch-X IC, a Switch System Silicon designed by Mellanox Technologies.
    The development was done in the firmware layer using different methods and tools, according to the company’s required methodologies.

  • C C++ Python OOP RTOS Network
  • Physical Design of 12-bit Two's Complement Adder
    Supervisors: Prof. Yosi Shacham, Mr. Avi Efrati (Tel Aviv University)
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  • The project included hierarchical layout design, floorplanning, manual estimations and full layout simulations.
    The Design was implemented using the 90nm Generic Process Design Kit (gpdk090) Technology and the gsclib090 library and was designed in Assura Virtuoso software.
    Project conducted as part of the "Introduction to VLSI design" course.

  • PSpice Virtuoso CAD VLSI
  • Logic Design of Full Simplified DLX using FPGA
    Supervisors: Mrs. Liron David, Mr. Marko Markov (Tel Aviv University)
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  • This project includes hardware design, implementation and debugging of a simple RISC processor (including data and control planes) on an FPGA development platform.
    Used Xilinx software package and RESA software suite to code schematic and hardware description language (VHDL) designs and conduct logical simulations.
    The project also included writing and executing of Assembly programs on the design.
    Project conducted as part of the "Advanced Computer Structure Lab" course.

  • VHDL Assembly FPGA
  • Kiosk Management: A Thesis in Systems Design and Programming with Web Services
    Supervisor: Mrs. Inessa Bolotin (Israel Arts and Science Academy)
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  • A user-friendly website for product purchasing.
    The application features different levels of users and managers and enables them to view and add products to the catalog, prepare supplier-report and closely monitor expenses and revenues.
    The system was used during senior high school year to raise money for students.

  • Improving Text-Independent Speaker Identification Performance Using Gaussian Mixture Speaker Models
    under direction of Dr. David Palmer (HP Autonomy)
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  • Studied Statistical Natural Language Processing, Automatic Speech Recognition and Machine Learning. Performed model training and testing with Python.
    The research was conducted as part of the Research Science Institute (RSI), an intensive six-week program under sponsorship of the Center for Excellence in Education and hosted by the MIT.

  • Python Machine Learning

Personal Projects & Others

  • Dreams
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  • A platform for planning and crowdfunding co-created events.
    This version was the adoption of the Midburn - Israeli Burning Man regional community.

    Check it out

    Repository (Github)

  • Ruby on Rails JS CSS Web
  • Distance Based Spiral
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  • This application features a recursive spiral-drawing based on Ultrasonic Distance Sensor data transmitted via an RS-232 serial port.

  • Arduino Processing Interactive DIY Electronics
  • Customized Simple Arduino Synthesizer
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  • An own made sound synthesizer running on Arduino Uno board. The circuit features photoresistors and potentiometers to control the notes (frequency) and timing; the sound is produced with a passive buzzer.

  • Arduino DIY Electronics
  • Poké-Quest
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  • A self made Pokémon-like game running on Processing IDE.

    Graphic patterns owned by Nintendo ©

  • Processing Virtual Game